[Resource Topic] 2023/169: Reputation-based state machine replication

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Reputation-based state machine replication

Authors: Muhong Huang, Runchao Han, Zhiqiang Du, Yanfang Fu, Liangxin Liu


State machine replication (SMR) allows nodes to
jointly maintain a consistent ledger, even when a part of nodes
are Byzantine. To defend against and/or limit the impact of
attacks launched by Byzantine nodes, there have been proposals
that combine reputation mechanisms to SMR, where each node
has a reputation value based on its historical behaviours, and
the node’s voting power will be proportional to its reputation.
Despite the promising features of reputation-based SMR, existing
studies do not provide formal treatment on the reputation
mechanism on SMR protocols, including the types of behaviours
affecting the reputation, the security properties of the reputation
mechanism, or the extra security properties of SMR using
reputation mechanisms.
In this paper, we provide the first formal study on the
reputation-based SMR. We define the security properties of the
reputation mechanism w.r.t. these misbehaviours. Based on the
formalisation of the reputation mechanism, we formally define the
reputation-based SMR, and identify a new property reputationconsistency that is necessary for ensuring reputation-based SMR’s
safety. We then design a simple reputation mechanism that
achieves all security properties in our formal model. To demonstrate the practicality, we combine our reputation mechanism to
the Sync-HotStuff SMR protocol, yielding a simple and efficient
reputation-based SMR at the cost of only an extra ∆ in latency,
where ∆ is the maximum delay in synchronous networks.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/169

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