[Resource Topic] 2019/893: New Efficient, Constant-Time Implementations of Falcon

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New Efficient, Constant-Time Implementations of Falcon

Authors: Thomas Pornin


A new implementation of Falcon is presented. It solves longstanding issues in the existing reference code: the new implementation is constant-time, it does not require floating-point hardware (though it can use such hardware for better performance), it uses less RAM, and achieves much better performance on both large systems (x86 with Skylake cores, POWER8,…) and small microcontrollers (ARM Cortex M4). In particular, signature generation with Falcon-512 takes less than 470k cycles on a Skylake (82k cycles only for verification), and about 21.2 million cycles on an ARM Cortex M4.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/893

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