[Resource Topic] 2003/147: A Parallelizable Enciphering Mode

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A Parallelizable Enciphering Mode

Authors: Shai Halevi, Phillip Rogaway


We describe a block-cipher mode of operation, EME, that turns an
n-bit block cipher into a tweakable enciphering scheme that acts
on strings of mn bits, where m \in [1…n]. The mode is parallelizable, but as serial-efficient as the non-parallelizable mode CMC. EME can be used to solve the disk-sector encryption problem. The algorithm entails two layers of ECB encryption and a “lightweight mixing” in between. We prove EME secure, in the reduction-based sense of modern cryptography. We motivate some of the design choices in EME by showing that a few
simple modifications of this mode are insecure.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/147

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