[Resource Topic] 2024/949: Efficient 2PC for Constant Round Secure Equality Testing and Comparison

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Efficient 2PC for Constant Round Secure Equality Testing and Comparison

Authors: Tianpei Lu, Xin Kang, Bingsheng Zhang, Zhuo Ma, Xiaoyuan Zhang, Yang Liu, Kui Ren


Secure equality testing and comparison are two important primitives that have been widely used in many secure computation scenarios, such as privacy-preserving machine learning, private set intersection, secure data mining, etc. In this work, we propose new constant-round two-party computation (2PC) protocols for secure equality testing and secure comparison. Our protocols are designed in the online/offline paradigm. Theoretically, for 32-bit integers, the online communication for our equality testing is only 76 bits, and the cost for our secure comparison is only 384 bits.Our benchmarks show that (i) our equality is 9 \times faster than the Guo \emph{et al.} (EUROCRYPT 2023) and 15 \times of the garbled circuit scheme (EMP-toolkit). (ii) our secure comparison protocol is 3 \times faster than Guo et al.(EUROCRYPT 2023), 6 \times faster than both Rathee et al. (CCS 2020) and garbled circuit scheme.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/949

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