[Resource Topic] 2019/205: A note on isogeny-based hybrid verifiable delay functions

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A note on isogeny-based hybrid verifiable delay functions

Authors: Barak Shani


Using the idea behind the recently proposed isogeny- and paring-based verifiable delay function (VDF) by De Feo, Masson, Petit and Sanso, we construct an isogeny-based VDF without the use of pairings. Our scheme is a hybrid of time-lock puzzles and (trapdoor) verifiable delay functions. We explain how to realise the proposed VDF on elliptic curves with commutative endomorphism ring, however this construction is not quantum secure. The more interesting, and potentially quantum-secure, non-commutative case is left open.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/205

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