[Resource Topic] 1998/018: Security and Composition of Multi-party Cryptographic Protocols

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Security and Composition of Multi-party Cryptographic Protocols

Authors: Ran Canetti


We present general definitions of security for multiparty cryptographic
protocols and show that, using these definitions, security is preserved
under a natural composition method.

The definitions follow the general paradigm of known definitions;
yet some substantial modifications and simplifications are introduced. In
particular, black-box simulation' is no longer required. The composition method is essentially the natural subroutine substitution’ method suggested
by Micali and Rogaway.

We first present the general definitional approach. Next we consider several
settings for multiparty protocols. These include the cases of non-adaptive
and adaptive adversaries, as well as the information-theoretic and the
computational models.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/1998/018

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