[Resource Topic] 2017/407: SplitCommit: Implementing and Analyzing Homomorphic UC Commitments

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SplitCommit: Implementing and Analyzing Homomorphic UC Commitments

Authors: Peter Rindal, Roberto Trifiletti


In this paper we present SplitCommit, a portable and efficient C++ implementation of the recent additively homomorphic commmitment scheme of Frederiksen et al. [FJNT16]. We describe numerous optimizations that go into engineering such an implementation, including highly optimized general purpose bit-matrix transposition and efficient ECC encoding given the associated generator matrix. We also survey and analyze in detail the applicability of [FJNT16] and include a detailed comparison to the canonical (non-homomorphic) commitment scheme based on a Random Oracle. We include performance benchmarks of the implementation in various network setting, for instance on a 10 Gbps LAN we achieve amortized commitment and decommitment running times of 0.65\mu s and 0.27\mu s, respectively. Finally we also include an extensive tutorial on how to use the library.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/407

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