[Resource Topic] 2004/260: Secure Group Communications over Combined Wired/Wireless Networks

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Secure Group Communications over Combined Wired/Wireless Networks

Authors: Junghyun Nam, Seungjoo Kim, Hyungkyu Yang, Dongho Won


This paper considers the fundamental problem of key agreement
among a group of parties communicating over an insecure public
network. Over the years, a number of solutions to this problem
have been proposed with varying degrees of complexity. However,
there seems to have been no previous systematic look at the
growing problem of key agreement over combined wired/wireless
networks, consisting of both high-performance computing machines
and low-power mobile devices. In this paper we present an
efficient group key agreement scheme well suited for this
networking environment. Our construction is intuitively simple,
and yet offers a scalable solution to the problem.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/260

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