[Resource Topic] 2024/224: Amplification of Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge, Revisited

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Amplification of Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge, Revisited

Authors: Nir Bitansky, Nathan Geier


In an (α,β)-weak non-interactive zero knowledge (NIZK), the soundness error is at most α and the zero-knowledge error is at most β. Goyal, Jain, and Sahai (CRYPTO 2019) show that if α+β<1 for some constants α,β, then (α,β)-weak NIZK can be turned into fully-secure NIZK, assuming sub-exponentially-secure public-key encryption.
We revisit the problem of NIZK amplification:
– We amplify NIZK arguments assuming only polynomially-secure public-key encryption, for any constants α+β<1.
– We amplify NIZK proofs assuming only one-way functions, for any constants α+β<1.
– When the soundness error α is negligible to begin with, we can also amplify NIZK arguments assuming only one-way functions.
Our results are based on the hidden-bits paradigm, and can be viewed as a reduction from NIZK amplification to the better understood problem of pseudorandomness amplification.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/224

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