[Resource Topic] 2024/651: A New Hash-based Enhanced Privacy ID Signature Scheme

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A New Hash-based Enhanced Privacy ID Signature Scheme

Authors: Liqun Chen, Changyu Dong, Nada El Kassem, Christopher J.P. Newton, Yalan Wang


The elliptic curve-based Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) signature scheme is broadly used for hardware enclave attestation by many platforms that implement Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and other devices. This scheme has also been included in the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specifications and ISO/IEC standards. However, it is insecure against quantum attackers. While research into quantum-resistant EPID has resulted in several lattice-based schemes, Boneh et al. have initiated the study of EPID signature schemes built only from symmetric primitives. We observe that for this line of research, there is still room for improvement. In this paper, we propose a new hash-based EPID scheme, which includes a novel and efficient signature revocation scheme. In addition, our scheme can handle a large group size (up to 2^{60} group members), which meets the requirements of rapidly developing hardware enclave attestation applications. The security of our scheme is proved under the Universal Composability (UC) model. Finally, we have implemented our EPID scheme, which, to our best knowledge, is the first implementation of EPID from symmetric primitives.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/651

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