[Resource Topic] 2010/458: Key Agreement Protocols Using Multivariate Equations on Non-commutative Ring

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Key Agreement Protocols Using Multivariate Equations on Non-commutative Ring

Authors: Masahiro Yagisawa


In this paper we propose two KAP(key agreement protocols) using multivariate equations. As the enciphering functions we select the multivariate functions of high degree on non-commutative ring H over finite field Fq. Two enciphering functions are slightly different from the enciphering function previously proposed by the present author. In proposed systems we can adopt not only the quaternion ring but also the non-associative octonion ring as the basic ring. Common keys are generated by using the enciphering functions. Proposed systems are immune from the Gröbner bases attacks because obtaining parameters of the enciphering functions to be secret keys arrives at solving the multivariate algebraic equations, that is, one of NP complete problems .Our protocols are also thought to be immune from the differential attacks because of the equations of high degree. We can construct our system on the some non-commutative rings, for example quaternion ring, matrix ring or octonion ring.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2010/458

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