[Resource Topic] 2018/690: Efficient KEA-Style Lattice-Based Authenticated Key Exchange

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Efficient KEA-Style Lattice-Based Authenticated Key Exchange

Authors: Zilong Wang, Honggang Hu


Lattice-based cryptographic primitives are believed to have the property against attacks by quantum computers. In this work, we present a KEA-style authenticated key exchange protocol based on the ring learning with errors problem whose security is proven in the BR model with weak perfect forward secrecy. With properties of KEA such as implicit key authentication and simplicity, our protocol also enjoys many properties of lattice-based cryptography, namely asymptotic efficiency, conceptual simplicity, worst-case hardness assumption, and resistance to attacks by quantum computers. Our lattice-based authenticated key exchange protocol is more efficient than the protocol of Zhang et al. (EUROCRYPT 2015) with more concise structure, smaller key size and lower bandwidth. Also, our protocol enjoys the advantage of optimal online efficiency and we improve our protocol with pre-computation.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/690

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