[Resource Topic] 2023/1357: Multimixer-128: Universal Keyed Hashing Based on Integer Multiplication

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Multimixer-128: Universal Keyed Hashing Based on Integer Multiplication

Authors: Koustabh Ghosh, Parisa Amiri Eliasi, Joan Daemen


In this paper we introduce a new keyed hash function based on 32-bit integer multiplication that we call Multimixer-128. In our approach, we follow the key-then-hash parallel paradigm. So, we first add a variable length input message to a secret key and split the result into blocks. A fixed length public function based on integer multiplication is then applied on each block and their results are added to form the digest. We prove an upper bound of 2^{-127} for the universality of Multimixer-128 by means of the differential probability and image probability of the underlying public function.

There are vector instructions for fast 32-bit integer multiplication on many CPUs and in such platforms, Multimixer-128 is very efficient. We compare our implementation of Multimixer-128 with NH hash function family that offers similar levels of security and with two fastest NIST LWC candidates. To the best of our knowledge, NH hash function is the fastest keyed hash function on software and Multimixer-128 outperforms NH while providing same levels of security.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1357

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