[Resource Topic] 2024/521: LIT-SiGamal: An efficient isogeny-based PKE based on a LIT diagram

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LIT-SiGamal: An efficient isogeny-based PKE based on a LIT diagram

Authors: Tomoki Moriya


In this paper, we propose a novel isogeny-based public key encryption (PKE) scheme named LIT-SiGamal. This is based on a LIT diagram and SiGamal. SiGamal is an isogeny-based PKE scheme that uses a commutative diagram with an auxiliary point. LIT-SiGamal uses a LIT diagram which is a commutative diagram consisting of large-degree horizontal isogenies and relatively small-degree vertical isogenies, while the original SiGamal uses a CSIDH diagram.

A strength of LIT-SiGamal is efficient encryption and decryption. QFESTA is an isogeny-based PKE scheme proposed by Nakagawa and Onuki, which is a relatively efficient scheme in isogeny-based PKE schemes. In our experimentation with our proof-of-concept implementation, the computational time of the encryption of LIT-SiGamal is as efficient as that of QFESTA, and that of the decryption of LIT-SiGamal is about $5$x faster than that of QFESTA.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/521

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