[Resource Topic] 2006/352: Foundations of Secure E-Commerce: The Order Layer

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Foundations of Secure E-Commerce: The Order Layer

Authors: Amir Herzberg, Igal Yoffe


We present specifications and provable protocol, for secure ordering and provision of digital goods and services. Notably, our protocol includes fully automated resolution of disputes between providers and customers. Disputes may involve the timely receipt of orders and goods, due to communication failures and malicious faults, as well as disputes of fitness of goods and order. The protocol and specifications are modular, with precise yet general-purpose interfaces. This allows usage as an underlying service to different e-commerce scenarios and applications, in particular secure online banking and brokerage. The protocol is practical, efficient, reliable and secure, under realistic failure and delay conditions. Our design and specifications are a part of a layered architecture for secure e-commerce applications.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/352

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