[Resource Topic] 2007/154: Edon--${\cal R}(256,384,512)$ -- an Efficient Implementation of Edon--${\cal R}$ Family of Cryptographic Hash Functions

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Edon–{\cal R}(256,384,512) – an Efficient Implementation of Edon–{\cal R} Family of Cryptographic Hash Functions

Authors: Danilo Gligoroski, Svein Johan Knapskog


We have designed three fast implementations of recently proposed family of hash functions Edon–{\cal R}. They produce message digests of length 256, 384 and 512 bits. We have defined huge quasigroups of orders 2^{256}, 2^{384} and 2^{512} by using only bitwise operations on 32 bit values (additions modulo 2^{32}, XORs and left rotations) and achieved processing speeds of the Reference C code of 16.18 cycles/byte, 24.37 cycles/byte and 32.18 cycles/byte on x86 (Intel and AMD microprocessors). In this paper we give their full description, as well as an initial security analysis.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2007/154

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