[Resource Topic] 2002/187: Entity Authentication Schemes Using Braid Word Reduction

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Entity Authentication Schemes Using Braid Word Reduction

Authors: Hervé SIBERT, Patrick DEHORNOY, Marc GIRAULT


Artin’s braid groups currently provide a promising background
for cryptographical applications, since the first
cryptosystems using braids were introduced in
\cite{SCY,AAF, AAG, KLC}. A variety of key agreement
protocols based on braids have been described, but few
authentication or signature schemes have been
proposed so far. We introduce three authentication
schemes based on braids, two of them being
zero-knowledge interactive proofs of knowledge. Then
we discuss their possible implementations,
involving normal forms or an alternative braid algorithm,
called handle reduction, which can achieve
good efficiency under specific requirements.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2002/187

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