[Resource Topic] 2000/058: Graph-Based Authentication of Digital Streams

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Graph-Based Authentication of Digital Streams

Authors: Sara Miner, Jessica Staddon


We consider the authentication of digital streams over a lossy
network. The overall approach taken is graph-based, as this yields
simple methods for controlling overhead, delay, and the ability to
authenticate, while serving to unify many previously known hash- and
MAC-based techniques. The loss pattern of the network is defined
probabilistically, allowing both bursty and random packet loss to be
modeled. Our authentication schemes are customizable by the
sender of the stream; that is, within reasonable constraints on
the input parameters, we provide schemes that achieve the desired
authentication probability while meeting the input upper bound on the
overhead per packet. In addition, we demonstrate that some of the
shortcomings of previously known schemes correspond to easily
identifiable properties of a graph, and hence, may be more easily
avoided by taking a graph-based approach to designing authentication

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2000/058

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