[Resource Topic] 2018/600: GRANULE: An Ultra lightweight cipher design for embedded security

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GRANULE: An Ultra lightweight cipher design for embedded security

Authors: Gaurav Bansod, Abhijit Patil, Narayan Pisharoty


In this paper we proposed an ultra-lightweight cipher GRANULE. It is based on Feistel network which encrypts 64 bits of data with 80/128 bits of key. GRANULE needs very less memory space as compared to existing lightweight ciphers .GRANULE needs 1288 GEs for 80 bit and 1577 GEs for 128 bit key size. It also shows good resistance against linear and differential cryptanalysis. GRANULE needs very small footprint area and provides robust secure design which thwart attacks like biclique attack, zero correlation attack, meet in the middle attack ,key schedule attack and key collision attack. GRANULE is having a strong S-box which is the key designing aspect in any cipher design. In this paper GRANULE is proposed with 32 rounds which are enough to provide resistance against all possible types of attacks. GRANULE consumes very less power as compared to other modern lightweight ciphers. We believe GRANULE cipher is the best suited cipher for providing robust security in applications like IoT.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/600

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