[Resource Topic] 2004/298: Nominative Proxy Signature Schemes

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Nominative Proxy Signature Schemes

Authors: Zuo-Wen Tan, Zhuo-Jun Liu


In a nominative proxy signature
scheme, an original singer delegates his signing power to a proxy,
who generates a nominative signature on behalf of the original
signer. In a nominative proxy signature scheme, only the nominee
can verify the signature and if necessary, only the nominee can
prove its validity to the third party. In this paper, we first
classify the nominative proxy signature into two types,
original-nominative proxy signature and proxy-nominative proxy
signature. Then we analyze the nominative proxy scheme proposed by
Park and Lee. We show that the scheme suffers from universal
verification. We also point out that the scheme presented by S.-H.
Seo and S.-H. Lee is insecure and the scheme cannot provide
non-repudiation. Finally we present our nominative proxy signature
schemes which overcome the weakness mentioned above. Compared with
the scheme recently proposed by G.-L. Wang, our scheme is more

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/298

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