[Resource Topic] 1997/011: Identity Escrow

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Identity Escrow

Authors: Joe Kilian, Erez Petrank


We introduce the notion of escrowed identity, an application of
key-escrow ideas to the problem of identification. In escrowed
identity, one party, A, does not give his identity to another
party B, but rather gives him information that would allow an
authorized third party, E, to determine A’s identity. However, B
receives a guarantee that E can indeed determine A’s identity. We
give protocols for escrowed identity based on the El-Gamal (signature
and encryption) schemes and on the RSA function. A useful feature
of our protocol is that after setting up A to use the system, E is
only involved when it is actually needed to determine A’s identity.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/1997/011

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