[Resource Topic] 2006/080: Efficient Identity-based Signatures Secure in the Standard Model

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Efficient Identity-based Signatures Secure in the Standard Model

Authors: Kenneth G. Paterson, Jacob C. N. Schuldt


The only known construction of identity-based signatures that can be
proven secure in the standard model is based on the approach of
attaching certificates to non-identity-based signatures. This
folklore construction method leads to schemes that are somewhat
inefficient and leaves open the problem of finding more efficient
direct constructions. We present the first such construction. Our
scheme is obtained from a modification of Waters’ recently proposed
identity-based encryption scheme. It is computationally
efficient and the signatures are short. The scheme’s security is
proven in the standard model and rests on the hardness of the
computational Diffie-Hellman problem in groups equipped with a

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/080

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