[Resource Topic] 2024/941: SmartZKCP: Towards Practical Data Exchange Marketplace Against Active Attacks

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SmartZKCP: Towards Practical Data Exchange Marketplace Against Active Attacks

Authors: Xuanming Liu, Jiawen Zhang, Yinghao Wang, Xinpeng Yang, Xiaohu Yang


The trading of data is becoming increasingly important as it holds substantial value. A blockchain-based data marketplace can provide a secure and transparent platform for data exchange. To facilitate this, developing a fair data exchange protocol for digital goods has garnered considerable attention in recent decades. The Zero Knowledge Contingent Payment (ZKCP) protocol enables trustless fair exchanges with the aid of blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs. However, applying this protocol in a practical data marketplace is not trivial.

In this paper, several potential attacks are identified when applying the ZKCP protocol in a practical public data marketplace. To address these issues, we propose SmartZKCP, an enhanced solution that offers improved security measures and increased performance. The protocol is formalized to ensure fairness and secure against potential attacks. Moreover, SmartZKCP offers efficiency optimizations and minimized communication costs. Evaluation results show that SmartZKCP is both practical and efficient, making it applicable in a data exchange marketplace.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/941

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