[Resource Topic] 2002/111: On Linear Redundancy in the AES S-Box

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On Linear Redundancy in the AES S-Box

Authors: Joanne Fuller, William Millan


We show the existence of a previously unknown linear redundancy
property of the only nonlinear component of the AES block cipher.
It is demonstrated that the outputs of the 8*8 Rijndael s-box
(based on inversion in a finite field) are all equivalent under
affine transformation. The method used to discover these affine
relations is novel and exploits a new fundamental result on the
invariance properties of local connection structure of affine
equivalence classes. As well as increasing existing concerns about
the security of the AES, these results may also have serious
consequences for many other ciphers recently proposed for

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2002/111

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