[Resource Topic] 2007/260: An Efficient One-move Nominative Signature Scheme

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An Efficient One-move Nominative Signature Scheme

Authors: Dennis Y. W. Liu, Qiong Huang, Duncan S. Wong


A signer in a Nominative Signature (NS) scheme can arbitrarily choose a nominee, then jointly generate a signature in such a way that the signature can only be verified with the nominee’s consent. NS is particularly useful in user certification systems. Currently, the only secure NS scheme available requires multi-round communications between the nominator and the nominee during signature generation. This implies that an NS-based user certification system requires a certification issuer to interact with a user using a complicated multi-round protocol for certificate issuance. It remains an open problem to construct an efficient and non-interactive NS scheme. In this paper, we solve this problem by proposing the first efficient one-move (i.e. non-interactive) NS scheme. In addition, we propose an enhanced security requirement called Strong Invisibility, and prove that our scheme satisfies this strong security requirement.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2007/260

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