[Resource Topic] 2014/989: Controlled Homomorphic Encryption: Definition and Construction

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Controlled Homomorphic Encryption: Definition and Construction

Authors: Yvo Desmedt, Vincenzo Iovino, Giuseppe Persiano, Ivan Visconti


In this work we put forth the notion of a Controllable Homomorphic Encryption scheme (CHES), a new primitive that includes features of both FHEs and FunctEs. In a CHES it is possible (similarly to a FHE) to homomorphically evaluate a ciphertext Ct = Enc(m) and a circuit C therefore obtaining Enc(C(m)) but only if (similarly to a FunctE) a token for C has been received from the owner of the secret key. We discuss difficulties in constructing a CHES and then show a construction based on any FunctE. As a byproduct our CHES also represents a FunctE supporting the re-encryption functionality and in that respect improves existing solutions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/989

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