[Resource Topic] 2018/649: No-signaling Linear PCPs

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No-signaling Linear PCPs

Authors: Susumu Kiyoshima


In this paper, we give a no-signaling linear probabilistically checkable proof (PCP) system for polynomial-time deterministic computation, i.e., a PCP system for P such that (1) the honest PCP oracle is a linear function and (2) the soundness holds against any (computational) no-signaling cheating prover, who is allowed to answer each query according to a distribution that depends on the entire query set in a certain way. To the best of our knowledge, our construction is the first PCP system that satisfies these two properties simultaneously. As an application of our PCP system, we obtain a 2-message delegating computation scheme by using a known transformation. Compared with the existing 2-message delegating computation schemes that are based on standard cryptographic assumptions, our scheme requires preprocessing but has a simpler structure and makes use of different (possibly cheaper) standard cryptographic primitives, namely additive/multiplicative homomorphic encryption schemes.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/649

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