[Resource Topic] 2024/824: Improved Meet-LWE Attack via Ternary Trees

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Improved Meet-LWE Attack via Ternary Trees

Authors: Eunmin Lee, Joohee Lee, Yuntao Wang


The Learning with Errors (LWE) problem with its variants over structured lattices has been widely exploited in efficient post-quantum cryptosystems. Recently, May suggests the Meet-LWE attack, which poses a significant advancement in the line of work on the Meet-in-the-Middle approach to analyze LWE with ternary secrets.

In this work, we generalize and extend the idea of Meet-LWE by introducing ternary trees, which result in diverse representations of the secrets. More precisely, we split the secrets into three pieces with the same dimension and expand them into a ternary tree to leverage the increased representations to improve the overall attack complexity. We carefully analyze and optimize the time and memory costs of our attack algorithm exploiting ternary trees, and compare them to those of the Meet-LWE attack. With asymptotic and non-asymptotic comparisons, we observe that our attack provides improved estimations for all parameter settings, including those of the practical post-quantum schemes, compared to the Meet-LWE attack. We also evaluate the security of the Round 2 candidates of the KpqC competition which aims to standardize post-quantum public key cryptosystems in the Republic of Korea, and report that the estimated complexities for our attack applied to SMAUG-T are lower than the claimed for some of the recommended parameters.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/824

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