[Resource Topic] 2024/916: Polymath: Groth16 Is Not The Limit

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Polymath: Groth16 Is Not The Limit

Authors: Helger Lipmaa


Shortening the argument (three group elements or 1536 / 3072 bits over the BLS12-381/BLS24-509 curves) of the Groth16 zk-SNARK for R1CS is a long-standing open problem. We propose a zk-SNARK Polymath for the Square Arithmetic Programming constraint system using the KZG polynomial commitment scheme. Polymath has a shorter argument (1408 / 1792 bits over the same curves) than Groth16. At 192-bit security, Polymath’s argument is nearly half the size, making it highly competitive for high-security future applications. Notably, we handle public inputs in a simple way. We optimized Polymath’s prover through an exhaustive parameter search. Polymath’s prover does not output \mathbb{G}_{2} elements, aiding in batch verification, SNARK aggregation, and recursion. Polymath’s properties make it highly suitable to be the final SNARK in SNARK compositions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/916

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