[Resource Topic] 2022/996: Fast Hashing to $G_2$ in Direct Anonymous Attestation

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Fast Hashing to G_2 in Direct Anonymous Attestation

Authors: Yu Dai, Fangguo Zhang, Chang-An Zhao


To reduce the workload of the Trusted
Platform Module~(TPM) without affecting the security in pairing-based direct anonymous attestation~(DAA) schemes, it is feasible to select pairing-friendly curves that provide fast group operations in the first pairing subgroup. In this scenario, the BW13-P310 and BW19-P286 curves become competitive. In order to improve the efficiency of the DAA schemes based on these curves, it is also necessary to design an efficient algorithm for hashing to G_2.
In this paper, we first generalize the previous work to address the
bottlenecks involved in hashing to G_2 on the two curves. On this basis, we further optimize the hashing algorithm, which would be nearly twice as fast as the previous one in theory. These techniques actually can be applied to a large class of curves. We also implement the proposed algorithms over the BW13-P310 curve on a 64-bit computing platform.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/996

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