[Resource Topic] 2004/077: Foundations of Group Signatures: The Case of Dynamic Groups

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Foundations of Group Signatures: The Case of Dynamic Groups

Authors: Mihir Bellare, Haixia Shi, Chong Zhang


A first step toward establishing foundations for group signatures was taken
by Bellare,
Micciancio and Warinschi (Eurocrypt 2003)
with a treatment of the case where the
group is static. However the bulk of existing practical schemes and
applications are for dynamic groups, and these involve important new elements
and security issues. This paper treats this case, providing foundations for
dynamic group signatures, in the form of a model, strong formal definitions of
security, and a construction proven secure under general assumptions. We
believe this is an important and useful step because it helps bridge the gap
between Bellare
Micciancio and Warinschi
and the previous practical work, and
delivers a basis on which existing practical schemes may in future be
evaluated or proven secure.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/077

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