[Resource Topic] 2017/496: Modes of Operation Suitable for Computing on Encrypted Data

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Modes of Operation Suitable for Computing on Encrypted Data

Authors: Dragos Rotaru, Nigel P. Smart, Martijn Stam


We examine how two parallel modes of operation for Authenticated Encryption (namely CTR+PMAC and OTR mode) work when evaluated in a multi-party computation engine. These two modes are selected because they suit the PRFs examined in previous works. In particular the modes are highly parallel, and do not require evaluation of the inverse of the underlying PRF. In order to use these modes one needs to convert them from their original instantiation of being defined on binary blocks of data, to working on elememts in a large prime finite field. The latter fitting the use case of many secret-sharing based MPC engines. In doing this conversion we examine the associated security proofs of PMAC and OTR, and show that they carry over to this new setting.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/496

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