[Resource Topic] 2022/039: Outsourced CP-ABE with Whitebox Accountability in IoT Systems

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Outsourced CP-ABE with Whitebox Accountability in IoT Systems



Cryptography based on identity and attributes enhances the chance of secure communication on a large scale. Several attribute-based encryption schemes achieve different objectives when used in various protocols. Most of these are suitable for large systems like cloud services. There are a few protocols which focus on reducing the computational overhead for lower end devices like Internet of Things sensors and actuators. It is desirable to have a mix of features in protocols for IoT security architecture. We first propose a scheme to ensure accountability in CPABE scheme FAME. The protocol is proven CPA-secure with full security in random oracle model. We also prove its accountability. We also propose a hybrid protocol that enforces user accountability and outsourced decryption in IoT systems and achieve full security in replayable chosen ciphertext attack (RCCA) under random oracle model.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/039

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