[Resource Topic] 2024/277: Fault Attacks on UOV and Rainbow

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Fault Attacks on UOV and Rainbow

Authors: Juliane Krämer, Mirjam Loiero


Multivariate cryptography is one of the main candidates for
creating post-quantum public key cryptosystems. Especially in the area of digital signatures, there exist many practical and secure multivariate schemes. The signature schemes UOV and Rainbow are two of the most promising and best studied multivariate schemes which have proven secure
for more than a decade. However, so far the security of multivariate signature schemes towards physical attacks has not been appropriately assessed. Towards a better understanding of the physical security of multivariate
signature schemes, this paper presents fault attacks against SingleField schemes, especially UOV and Rainbow. Our analysis shows that although promising attack vectors exist, multivariate signature schemes inherently offer a good protection against fault attacks.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/277

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