[Resource Topic] 2014/232: Bandwidth Efficient PIR from NTRU

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Bandwidth Efficient PIR from NTRU

Authors: Yarkın Doröz, Berk Sunar, Ghaith Hammouri


We present a private information retrieval (PIR) scheme based on a somewhat homomorphic encryption (SWHE). In particular, we customize an NTRU-based SWHE scheme in order to evaluate a specific class of fixed depth circuits relevant for PIR implementation, thus achieving a more practical implementation. In practice, a SWHE that can evaluate a depth 5 circuit is sufficient to construct a PIR capable of retrieving data from a database containing 4 billion rows. We leverage this property in order to produce a more practical PIR scheme. Com- pared to previous results, our implementation achieves a significantly lower bandwidth cost (more than 1000 times smaller). The computational cost of our implementation is higher than previous proposals for databases containing a small number of bits in each row. However, this cost is amortized as database rows become wider.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/232

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