[Resource Topic] 2007/006: Efficient Dynamic k-Times Anonymous Authentication

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Efficient Dynamic k-Times Anonymous Authentication

Authors: Lan Nguyen


In k-times anonymous authentication (k-TAA) schemes, members of a group can be anonymously authenticated to access applications for a bounded number of times determined by application providers. Dynamic k-TAA allows application providers to independently grant or revoke group members from accessing their applications. Dynamic k-TAA can be applied in several scenarios, such as k-show anonymous credentials, digital rights management, anonymous trial of Internet services, e-voting, e-coupons etc. This paper proposes the first provably secure dynamic k-TAA scheme, where authentication costs do not depend on k. This efficiency is achieved by using a technique called ``efficient provable e-tag’', proposed in \cite{Nguyen06}, which could be applicable to other e-tag systems.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2007/006

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