[Resource Topic] 2022/530: High-speed SABER Key Encapsulation Mechanism in 65nm CMOS

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High-speed SABER Key Encapsulation Mechanism in 65nm CMOS

Authors: Malik Imran, Felipe Almeida, Andrea Basso, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Samuel Pagliarini


Quantum computers will break cryptographic primitives that are based on integer factorization and discrete logarithm problems. SABER is a key agreement scheme based on the Learning With Rounding problem that is quantum-safe, i.e., resistant to quantum computer attacks. This article presents a high-speed silicon implementation of SABER in a 65nm technology as an Application Specific Integrated Circuit. The chip measures 1$mm^2$ in size and can operate at a maximum frequency of 715$MHz$ at a nominal supply voltage of 1.2V. Our chip takes 10$\mu s$, 9.9$\mu s$ and 13$\mu s$ for the computation of key generation, encapsulation, and decapsulation operations of SABER. The average power consumption of the chip is 153.6$mW$. Physical measurements reveal that our design is 8.96x (for key generation), 11.80x (for encapsulation), and 11.23x (for decapsulation) faster than the best known silicon-proven SABER implementation.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/530

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