[Resource Topic] 2023/419: Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Post-Quantum Cryptosystems from Lattices

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Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Post-Quantum Cryptosystems from Lattices

Authors: Nick Frymann, Daniel Gardham, Mark Manulis


Asynchronous Remote Key Generation (ARKG), introduced by Frymann et al. at CCS 2020, allows for the generation of unlinkable public keys by third parties, for which corresponding private keys may be later learned only by the key pair’s legitimate owner. These key pairs can then be used in common public-key cryptosystems, including signatures, PKE, KEMs, and schemes supporting delegation, such as proxy signatures. The only known instance of ARKG generates discrete-log-based keys.

In this paper, we introduce new ARKG constructions for lattice-based cryptosystems. The key pairs generated using our ARKG scheme can be applied to lattice-based signatures and KEMs, which have recently been selected for standardisation in the NIST PQ process, or as alternative candidates.

In particular, we address challenges associated with the noisiness of lattice hardness assumptions, which requires a new generalised definition of ARKG correctness, whilst preserving the security and privacy properties of the former instantiation. Our ARKG construction uses key encapsulation techniques by Brendel et al. (SAC 2020) coined Split KEMs. As an additional contribution, we also show that Kyber (Bos et al., EuroS&P 2018) can be used to construct a Split KEM. The security of our protocol is based on standard LWE assumptions. We also discuss its use with selected candidates from the NIST process and provide an implementation and benchmarks.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/419

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