[Resource Topic] 2003/055: A New Approach to Prevent Blackmailing in E-Cash

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A New Approach to Prevent Blackmailing in E-Cash

Authors: Xiaofeng Chen, Fangguo Zhang, Yumin Wang


Blackmailing may be the most serious drawback of the known electronic cash systems offering unconditional anonymity. Recently, D.Kugler proposed an on-line payment system without trusted party to prevent blackmailing based on the idea of marking. In this paper, some disadvantages of D.Kugler¡¯s scheme are analyzed and then a new online electronic cash scheme to prevent blackmailing is present by using group blind signature technique. In our scheme, the blackmailed cash was marked by an entity, called supervisor, therefore the bank can distinguish it from the valid cash. Also, we can modify our scheme to be offline so that it can used to decrease other crimes, e.g., money laundering, bribery etc. in electronic cash system.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/055

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