[Resource Topic] 2011/382: Generic Fully Simulatable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer

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Generic Fully Simulatable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer

Authors: Kaoru Kurosawa, Ryo Nojima, Le Trieu Phong


We aim at constructing adaptive oblivious transfer protocols, enjoying fully simulatable security, from various well-known assumptions such as DDH, d-Linear, QR, DCR, and LWE. To this end, we present two generic constructions of adaptive OT, one of which utilizes verifiable shuffles together with threshold decryption schemes, while the other uses permutation networks together with what we call {\em loosely-homomorphic} key encapsulation schemes. We then show that specific choices of the building blocks lead to concrete adaptive OT protocols with fully simulatable security in the standard model under the targeted assumptions. Our generic methods can be extended to build universally composable (UC) secure, and leakage-resilient OT protocols.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2011/382

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