[Resource Topic] 2018/831: Practical Attack on RaCoSS-R

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Practical Attack on RaCoSS-R

Authors: Keita Xagawa


RaCoSS is a signature scheme based on the syndrome decoding problem over the random linear code and proposed by Fukushima, Roy, Xu, Kiyomoto, Morozov, and Takagi. This scheme is cryptanalyzed Bernstein, Hülsing, Lange, and Panny (pqc-forum on 23 Dec. 2017). Roy, Morozov, Fukushima, Kiyomoto, and Takagi recently gave a patch and call the patched scheme as RaCoSS-R (ISEC Conf. on 25 Jul. 2018). This short note describes how to break RaCoSS-R by modifying the forgery attack against RaCoSS.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/831

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