[Resource Topic] 2005/187: How To Exchange Secrets with Oblivious Transfer

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How To Exchange Secrets with Oblivious Transfer

Authors: Michael O. Rabin


The original paper does not have an abstract.

This is a scanned version of the original hand written manuscript
of this paper. It appeared in print as a Harvard University
Technical Report, but at some point the university ran out of
copies. At that time copies of the hand written version started to circulate, and were the only ones available. As access to these copies has become difficult I have scanned my copy of the paper and I’m posting it on the web for others to read.

*Note that the manuscript has a different title, but the paper
is most commonly (if not only) cited with this title. Thus,
I assume that it should continue to be cited in this manner with
reference to the original technical report.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/187

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