[Resource Topic] 2017/498: Full-State Keyed Duplex With Built-In Multi-User Support

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Full-State Keyed Duplex With Built-In Multi-User Support

Authors: Joan Daemen, Bart Mennink, Gilles Van Assche


The keyed duplex construction was introduced by Bertoni et al.(SAC 2011) and recently generalized to full-state absorption by Mennink et al.(ASIACRYPT 2015). We present a generalization of the full-state keyed duplex that natively supports multiple instances by design, and perform a security analysis that improves over that of Mennink et al. in terms of a more modular security analysis and a stronger and more adaptive security bound. Via the introduction of an additional parameter to the analysis, our bound demonstrates a significant security improvement in case of nonce-respecting adversaries. Furthermore, by supporting multiple instances by design, instead of adapting the security model to it, we manage to derive a security bound that is largely independent of the number of instances.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/498

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