[Resource Topic] 2005/331: A Fuzzy Sketch with Trapdoor

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A Fuzzy Sketch with Trapdoor

Authors: Julien Bringer, Hervé Chabanne, Quoc Dung Do


In 1999, Juels and Wattenberg introduce an effective construction of Fuzzy Sketch, i.e. a way of handling errors into string verification. This allows them to consider data varying into time, such as, for instance, answers to a list of subjective questions. To this end, they utilize an Error Correcting Code.

We here show how to embed a trapdoor into Fuzzy Sketches, reducing to authorized people the ability to correct errors and thus to verify the fuzzy equality to the Fuzzy Sketch.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/331

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