[Resource Topic] 2023/540: MAYO: Optimized Implementation with Revised Parameters for ARMv7-M

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MAYO: Optimized Implementation with Revised Parameters for ARMv7-M

Authors: Arianna Gringiani, Alessio Meneghetti, Edoardo Signorini, Ruggero Susella


We present an optimized constant-time implementation of the MAYO signature scheme on ARMv7-M. MAYO is a novel multivariate proposal based on the trapdoor function of the Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar scheme. Our implementation builds on existing techniques for UOV-based schemes and introduces a new approach for evaluating the polar forms of quadratic maps. We modify MAYO’s original parameters to achieve greater benefits from the proposed optimizations, resulting in slightly larger keys and shorter signatures for the same level of security. We evaluate the optimized implementation with the new parameters on the STM32H753ZIT6 microcontroller and measure its performance for the signing and verification procedures. At NIST security level I, signing requires approximately 43M cycles, and verification requires approximately 6M cycles. Both are 2.6 times faster than the results obtained from the original parameters.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/540

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