[Resource Topic] 2007/338: VHASH Security

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VHASH Security

Authors: Wei Dai, Ted Krovetz


VHASH is an almost-delta-universal hash family, designed for exceptional performance on computers that multiply 64-bit quantities efficiently. Changes to the algorithm detailed in this note improve both security and performance over the original 2006 version. Speed is improved through a newly analyzed hash construction which allows the use of lower-degree polynomials. Claimed security is higher due primarily to improved analysis and a change in prime modulus. The result is a hash family capable of hashing cache-resident one kilobyte messages on the Intel Core 2 architecture at a rate of about one-half processor cycle per byte of message with a collision probability of less than 1/2^{61}.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2007/338

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