[Resource Topic] 2004/164: ID-based Cryptography from Composite Degree Residuosity

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ID-based Cryptography from Composite Degree Residuosity

Authors: Man Ho Au, Victor K. Wei


We present identity-based identification (resp. encryption, signature, blind signature,ring signature) from composite degree residuosity (CDR). Constructions of identifications and signatures
motivated by several existing CDR-based bandwidth-efficient
encryption schemes are presented. Their securities are proven equivalent to famous hard problems, in the random oracle model.
Motivated by Cocks,we construct an identity-based encryption from CDR. Its security is proven equivalent to a new problem, the JSR (Jacobi Symbol of Roots of two quadratic polynomials) Problem. We prove JSR is at least as hard as QRP (Quadratic Residuosity Problem). Furthermore, we present the first two-way equivalence reduction of the security of Cocks’ IBE, to the JSR Problem.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/164

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