[Resource Topic] 2016/125: Compact Identity Based Encryption from LWE

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Compact Identity Based Encryption from LWE

Authors: Daniel Apon, Xiong Fan, Feng-Hao Liu


We construct an identity-based encryption (IBE) scheme from the standard Learning with Errors (LWE) assumption that has \emph{compact} public-key and achieves adaptive security in the standard model. In particular, our scheme only needs 2 public matrices to support O(\log^2 \secparam)-bit length identity, and O(\secparam / \log^2 \secparam) public matrices to support \secparam-bit length identity. This improves over previous IBE schemes from lattices substantially. Additionally, our techniques from IBE can be adapted to construct a compact digital signature scheme, which achieves existential unforgeability under the standard Short Integer Solution (SIS) assumption with small polynomial parameters.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/125

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