[Resource Topic] 2018/428: Differential Fault Analysis of Rectangle-80

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Differential Fault Analysis of Rectangle-80

Authors: Shobhit Sinha, Sandip Karmakar


We present various differential fault attack schemes for the RECTANGLE-80 and demonstrate how initially we started from a 80-bit fault to a single word fault scheme. This was mainly due to a differential vulnerability in the S-box of RECTANGLE as a result of which the exhaustive search space for the key reduces from 2^{80} to 2^{32}. We have also presented a key schedule attack that is a variant of the single fault scheme, exploiting the same vulnerability and reduces the search space to 2^{40}. The paper concludes with the simulation results for the single word fault scheme followed by countermeasures.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/428

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