[Resource Topic] 2017/412: Improved Attack on Full-round Grain-128

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Improved Attack on Full-round Grain-128

Authors: Ximing Fu, Xiaoyun Wang, Jiazhe Chen, Marc Stevens, Xiaoyang Dong


In this paper, we propose a series of techniques that can be used to determine the missing IV terms of a complex multivariable Boolean polynomial. Using these techniques, we revisit the dynamic cube attack on Grain-128. Based on choosing one more nullified state bit and one more dynamic bit, we are able to obtain the IV terms of degree 43, combined with various of reduction techniques, fast discarding monomial techniques and IV representation technique for polynomials, so that the missing IV terms can be determined. As a result, we improve the time complexity of the best previous attack on Grain-128 by a factor of 2^{16}. Moreover, our attack applies to all keys.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/412

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